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Winter Dental Care Tips for Kids: Advice from Burien Children's Dentistry

Posted on Oct 30 2023

 Prepare your child's smile for the winter season with Burien Children's Dentistry in Burien. Discover valuable winter dental care tips from our expert doctors, Scott Kennel and Sofia Kennel.

Winter is a magical time of year, filled with snowy landscapes and holiday cheer. However, the colder months can also present unique challenges for your child's dental health. At Burien Children's Dentistry in Burien, we're dedicated to keeping your child's smile healthy year-round. In this blog, our expert dentists, Dr. Scott Kennel and Dr. Sofia Kennel, share essential winter dental care tips to ensure your child's oral health remains in top shape.


Welcome to Burien Children's Dentistry, where we specialize in providing top-notch dental care for young ones. We understand that maintaining dental health during the winter season can be challenging, and we're here to offer guidance and support.

Why Winter Dental Care Matters

Taking care of your child's dental health during the winter months is crucial for several reasons.

Holiday Sweets: The holiday season often brings an abundance of sweets and treats, which can increase the risk of cavities and dental issues.

Dry Air: The dry indoor air caused by heating systems can lead to dry mouth, increasing the likelihood of bad breath and gum problems.

Overall Well-being: Good oral hygiene contributes to better overall health and well-being.

Expert Winter Dental Care Tips

  1. Balanced Diet: Encourage your child to maintain a balanced diet, even during festive times. Opt for low-sugar snacks and beverages to minimize the risk of cavities.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Ensure your child drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration helps maintain a moist mouth, reducing the risk of dental problems.
  3. Regular Brushing: Emphasize the importance of regular brushing, at least twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste. Make sure your child uses a toothbrush suitable for their age.
  4. Don't Forget Flossing: Remind your child to floss daily. Flossing helps remove food particles between teeth that brushing alone can't reach.
  5. Moderate Sugary Treats: While it's okay to enjoy holiday treats occasionally, limit sugary snacks and drinks to special occasions.
  6. Lip Care: In cold weather, lips can become chapped, leading to dryness around the mouth. Encourage the use of lip balm and remind your child to wear a mouthguard when participating in winter sports to prevent dental injuries.
  7. Regular Dental Check-ups: Schedule regular dental check-ups with Burien Children's Dentistry. Routine visits are essential for catching any dental issues early and ensuring your child's oral health is on track.
  8. Stay Warm: Keep your child warm to prevent shivering, which can cause minor tooth sensitivity. Dress them in layers and provide warm beverages.
  9. Avoid Chewing Ice: Chewing on ice cubes is a common habit during winter but can be damaging to teeth. Discourage this practice to prevent cracks or chips.

Meet Our Expert Dentists

Dr. Scott Kennel: Dr. Scott Kennel is a dedicated pediatric dentist with years of experience. He is passionate about helping children maintain healthy smiles and providing gentle, compassionate care.

Dr. Sofia Kennel: Dr. Sofia Kennel shares the same commitment to pediatric dentistry. Her warm and friendly demeanor puts children at ease during dental visits.


How can I choose the right toothpaste for my child?

Select a toothpaste with fluoride appropriate for your child's age. Our dentists can provide specific recommendations during your visit.

Is it normal for my child to experience tooth sensitivity in cold weather?

Minor tooth sensitivity in cold weather can occur due to shivering. If your child experiences persistent or severe sensitivity, contact us for an evaluation.

What sets Burien Children's Dentistry apart from other clinics?

Our clinic is specifically tailored to children's needs, offering a friendly and comfortable environment that helps children feel at ease during their dental visits.

How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Kennel or Dr. Sofia Kennel?

Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment with our expert dentists. We look forward to meeting you and your child.


Winter dental care is essential to maintain your child's bright smile all year long. By following these winter dental care tips and scheduling regular check-ups with Burien Children's Dentistry, you can ensure your child's oral health remains in excellent condition, even in the coldest months.

Choose Burien Children's Dentistry for expert pediatric dental care and a warm, welcoming environment that puts your child's comfort first.

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Bianca, mother of a 7 year old

Great experience. Able to get in on short notice. Front office, tech and doctor were all very patient with my 2 year old and very informative. Would absolutely recommend!

Sarah, mother of a 8 months old

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Amazing! So our kiddo had this fever and complaining of his teeth hurting. We noticed the swelling gum lines, bad breath, and his lack of food enthusiasm.

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