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Promoting Good Flossing Habits with Your Child: A Guide by Burien Children's Dentistry

Posted on Feb 17 2024


The Importance of Flossing for Children's Oral Health

Understanding the Role of Flossing

Flossing is a crucial part of oral hygiene that helps remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth and along the gumline.

Why Flossing Matters for Children

Developing good flossing habits early can prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Why Choose Burien Children's Dentistry for Flossing Guidance?

Expertise in Pediatric Dentistry

At Burien Children's Dentistry, we specialize in pediatric dental care and are committed to providing personalized guidance on oral hygiene practices for children.

Child-Friendly Environment

Our dental office is designed to create a positive and comfortable experience for children, making it easier for them to adopt good oral hygiene habits.

Experienced Dental Professionals

Our team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists is dedicated to helping children and their families understand the importance of flossing and providing practical tips for success.

Benefits of Developing a Good Flossing Habit

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Regular flossing removes plaque and food debris from areas that toothbrushes can't reach, reducing the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Gum Health

Flossing helps prevent gum disease by removing plaque and bacteria that can lead to inflammation and infection along the gumline.

Fresh Breath

By removing trapped food particles and bacteria, flossing contributes to fresher breath and overall oral hygiene.

Tips for Establishing a Flossing Routine with Your Child

Start Early

Introduce flossing as soon as your child has two teeth that touch. Begin by using floss picks or flossers designed for children.

Lead by Example

Demonstrate proper flossing technique and make it a fun and interactive activity that you do together as a family.

Be Consistent

Encourage daily flossing as part of your child's oral hygiene routine, emphasizing its importance for maintaining a healthy smile.


At Burien Children's Dentistry, we believe that developing good flossing habits is essential for children's oral health. With our expertise, child-friendly approach, and commitment to excellence, we're here to support you in helping your child achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.


  1. At what age should I start flossing my child's teeth?

    • You can start flossing your child's teeth as soon as they have two teeth that touch. It's important to establish good oral hygiene habits early on.
  2. How often should my child floss?

    • We recommend flossing your child's teeth at least once a day, ideally before bedtime to remove plaque and food debris accumulated throughout the day.
  3. What type of floss is best for children?

    • For young children, floss picks or flossers designed specifically for children can be easier to use and more comfortable than traditional dental floss. As they get older and their dexterity improves, they can transition to regular dental floss.
  4. My child is resistant to flossing. What can I do?

    • Make flossing a positive and enjoyable experience by using fun, colorful flossers and incorporating it into your daily routine. Praise your child for their efforts and offer rewards or incentives for consistent flossing.
  5. How can I ensure my child is flossing correctly?

    • Supervise your child's flossing until they are able to do it independently, usually around the age of 10 or 11. Demonstrate proper technique and provide guidance as needed to ensure thorough cleaning between each tooth.

Our Reviews

Araina, mother of a 5 year old

Took my daughter here for her very first appointment. She was a little nervous at first but the staff was so friendly! They took the time to explain to her each one of the tools they were using and she got to put a magnet on "no cavities" wall. She did great and I'm glad she'll be excited to go back in 6 months.

Bianca, mother of a 7 year old

Great experience. Able to get in on short notice. Front office, tech and doctor were all very patient with my 2 year old and very informative. Would absolutely recommend!

Sarah, mother of a 8 months old

When we walked in my son was so happy and excited! The entire place is like a forest with animals and trees! They waiting area had 4 TV's with video games for the older kids! And books and puzzles! Then for the younger kids they have a slide and padded floors! So cool!

Nancy, mother of a 11 year old

Amazing! So our kiddo had this fever and complaining of his teeth hurting. We noticed the swelling gum lines, bad breath, and his lack of food enthusiasm.

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